What We Do

Over the years, we’ve forged a reputation for quality, consistency, and professionalism spanning various disciplines. Our commitment to integrity, high business standards, and skilled professional service ensures that customers across diverse fields consistently return to us with smiles. Guided by a philosophy of excellence, we guarantee maximum benefit and return on our customers’ investments, regardless of the discipline.

Engineering Service & Construction

We provide tailored and specialized expertise and guidance to individuals, businesses, or projects within the field of engineering. These consultancies offer insights, solutions, and recommendations, leveraging our technical knowledge to address challenges, optimize processes, and contribute to the successful implementation of engineering projects. The phases we normally adopt for our projects include:
  • Assessment of existing situations and evaluation of requirements of the clients.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive inventory of works required
  • Preliminary design and assessment of direct and indirect benefits
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Tender appraisal final design.
  • Implementation supervision
  • Engineering Designs & Construction It encompass the comprehensive process of planning, conceptualizing, and executing projects within the field of engineering. This involves creating detailed designs, considering structural and functional requirements, and managing the construction phase. From initial concept to the realization of structures or systems, this integrated approach ensures that engineering projects are efficiently and effectively designed and built to meet specifications and standards.

    Real Estate Development & Management

    At SANDS we specialize in transformative real estate development services. Our
    expert team navigates the complexities of property development, seamlessly blending
    innovative design, sustainable practices, and market insights. From concept to
    completion, we meticulously curate projects that redefine urban landscapes and
    enrich communities. Partner with us to turn your real estate aspirations into reality, as
    we shape spaces that inspire and endure

    • Real Estate Consulting
    • RenovatIons,Refurbishments & Decorations
    • Project Management Service
    • Industrial/Commercial painting

    Information Technology Services

    Sands Worldwide Connection Ltd works with its key executives to prepare for any Organization’s ICT/Consultancy projects. The goal of this partnership is focused on helping companies create shareholder value, re-engineer key business processes to increase revenue and improve productivity. We help companies achieve their best level of customer, supplier and employee relationship together with achieving operational excellence by implementing the right ICT and Consultancy solutions. We have shared our experience in
    many different industry sectors ranging from governmental, nongovernmental, educational, armed forces and telecommunications.

    • Consultancy Services and Training
    • General Printing Works and Services

    General Services

    Our Company has the financial capacity and confidence to execute contract (Imports and Exports) ranging from medical equipment, vehicles, plants & equipment, drugs, ICT accessories, stationeries, furniture and fittings among others.

    Business Outsourcing Services
    Sands Worldwide Connection Ltd has successfully provided its customers with a professional, efficient and responsive service to satisfy their business
    outsourcing requirements. Working with a network of associates throughout
    the Nation, we give our customers a professional and timely delivery services. We deliver professional services in various technologies ranging from ICT, Engineering, Consultancy and Management for both private and governmental organizations.

    Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
    We are able and capable of the following:
    Identify what information is needed for what purposes and by whom is
    critical to successful M&E. Be able to manage for impact an M&E system
    needs to track progress in relation to targets. It also needs to explain
    success and failure, plus identifying unintended positive or negative effects.